Lazy & Mellow CD cover

A little information about the CD: All tracks were recorded by Marc Pilley at Shed Productions, and all songs are written & composed by, and copyright © 2009 Rosie Nimmo.

The cover was designed and produced by Martin Lennon and the cover photography was by Belinda Love, Martin Lennon and Rosie Nimmo. Front cover artwork was by Rosie Nimmo, and interior artwork was by Debbie Nimmo

The Mellow Ladies are: Helen Tuohy, Maureen Braidwood, Lou Leask, Joan Brear & Jackie Rochmankowska

Rosie Nimmo:
Vocals, Guitar and Harmonica.
Marc Pilley:
Guitar, Bass, Drums,Keyboards & other instruments.
Ali Petrie:
Stuart Allardyce:
Mairi Campbell:
Violin, Viola.
Martin Lennon:
Fretless Bass.
The Mellow Ladies:
Backing Vocals.

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